1. Things and Connections
    Understand the building blocks, interconnections and information flow of an IoT System.
  2. Sensors, Actuators, and Microcontrollers
    Use sensors and an Arduino microcontroller to read data from the physical world and control actuators.
  3. Software is everywhere
    Use Python to program a Single Board Computer (Raspberry Pi) to perform more complex embedded programs.
  4. Fog Networks and Cloud Services
    Learn the principal IoT Networking Protocols. Learn how an IoT system distributes computing between Fog and Cloud networks. Learn how to interconnect systems using RESTful APIs.
  5. Industrial IoT Applications
    Learn how IoT technologies are applied in diverse vertical markets: Healthcare, Smart Cities, Smart Grid, and Manufacturing.
  6. Create an IoT Solution
    End-to-end case study on how to create an IoT Prototype.


40 horas presenciales, con contenido teórico y práctico.