1. Data and the Internet of Things
    Understand the concepts of Big Data & Analytics, and the role of Big Data in IoT systems.
  2. Fundamentals of Data Analysis
    Learn the basics of descriptive statistics, the practical aspects in acquiring data from a sensor and how to create visual representations of the data.
  3. Data Analysis
    Explore data using statistics and visualization to extract information and create hypotheses.
  4. Advanced Analytics & Machine
    Learning Learn about predictive analytics, the supervised and unsupervised approaches to Machine Learning and how to apply models to make predictions from the data.
  5. Storytelling with Data
    Learn how to transform analytics results into a clear and convincing narrative and visual communication.
  6. Introduction to Data Center & Data Engineering
    Learn the basic principles behind the most important scalable solutions for Big Data such as Apache Hadoop and the related ecosystem of technologies.


40 horas presenciales, con contenido teórico y práctico.